Being a woman, a nursing professional, and working in the community sphere increased the risk of moral distress (MD), according to a study by the University of Cordoba carried out among more than 500 professionals with the Public Health Service of Andalusia in a period immediately after the COVID-19 PANDEMIC

A clinical study in which almost 40,000 women have participated reveals the efficacy of breast tomosynthesis in decreasing the rate of interval carcinomas; that is, those that appear between two screening tests, suggesting the advisability of including this diagnostic technique in breast cancer early detection programs

A 5-year study involving more than 500 diabetic patients compared the effect of two healthy diets on the body, concluding that the Mediterranean diet favors the elimination of compounds affecting kidney function

Martes, 19 Diciembre 2023 08:54

Night sweats reveal the severity of sleep apnea

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A collaborative effort between the University of Córdoba and IMIBIC uses, for the first time, changes in sweat metabolism to diagnose the severity of sleep apnea

Martes, 12 Diciembre 2023 09:05

Saliva: a means to detect pain in people with dementia

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A team from the UCO's Nursing Department has determined the presence of two pain biomarkers and their levels in saliva as a tool to diagnose pain,effectively and non-invasively, in people with dementia and communication problems

The University of Cordoba is participating, together with IMIBIC and the Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía, in a national study that analyzes the evolution, between 2017 and 2022, of the antibiotic resistance of a bacterium associated with high mortality rates

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