Scientific Programme

SESSION I. Why do we care about Acetic Acid bacteria?

History. Traditional vinegar. Food and Health.

SESSION II. What are they?

Taxonomy and Phylogenesis.

Ecological aspects (natural occurrence of AAB; Biodiversity).

SESSION III. How do they work?

Session III.A

Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Session III.B

Biochemistry and Physiology.

SESSION IV. What can we do with them?

Biotechnological applications. Bioengineering aspects.

New products.

SESSION V. How do we know what they are up to?

Measurement techniques. Biosensors.

Quality control. Other aspects.


The 3rd International Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria. Vinegar and Other Products.

Organizing Committee: Área de Ingeniería Química. Edificio Marie Curie. Campus Universitario de Rabanales. Universidad de Córdoba. Ctra. (a) de Madrid, Km. 396. (14071) Córdoba, Spain.

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